Schlumbergera Hybrid

‘Hatherton Delight’

NameSynonym ofRegister numberApplicant
'Hatherton Delight'SRL-Sch-XXXX-0445
HybridizerCountryHybridizer referenceName giver
John HorobinEngland
Name yearGroupGrowth habitSeedling/Sport
Pod parentPollen parentPollination yearColor
S. orssichiana'Sonja'pink
Flower classFlower formColor compositionFlower size
Petal formRecurvedStamen colorStyle color
Fruit colorFruit edgedFlower descriptionClades color
pendant blooms have lanceolate, acutely tipped petals. Bases and lower throats are white suffusing magenta pink at their centers. Petal apexes, margins and upper centers are darker pink. The narrow tube is white flushed with pink. Flower form is very open with no evident recurve. Stamens are white with upper portions tinted pink. An extremely long magenta-red style and similar color stigma extends well past the anthers. Ovary receptacles are ridged. Reported to be free flowering and a repeat bloomer typical of Queens.
Clades sizePhylloclades formReferenceComments
Epiphytes, Vol. 16, no. 64, Nov. 1992: 91, McM&H, 1995: 108growth habit is pendant.
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