Register Rhipsalidopsis

Please note the following important information:

    1. New applications for registration must comply with the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP) regulations. If not, they are rejected.
    2. Only a completely and correctly filled out form can be processed.
    3. There is no claim for inclusion in the list. The application should be accompanied by at least two photos (preferably one close-up of the flower, one of the entire cultivar). The registrant allows the authors of The International Schlumbergera and Rhipsalidopsis List of Species and Hybrids to publish these photos in the context of the Rhipsalidopsis list, in whatever form.
    4. The applicant warrants that he is entitled to register the cultivar and that it is not a cultivar already known or already registered in the list.
    5. If the registrant is not the hybridizer, he confirms to have the allowance of hybridizer to register the cultivar.
    6. All sizes are in centimeters.
    7. The new cultivar should have at least flowered for the third year, before registering.
    8. The registration in this registry does not imply the creation of Plant Breeder’s Rights, patents or other rights to a name (principles 5 and 6 ICNCP).


  1. Hybridizer

Hybridizer is the person who pollinated the plants. If this field is left blank, it is assumed the registrant is also the hybridizer.

  1. Grower

Grower is the person who grew the plants from seeds. If this field is left blank, it is assumed the registrant is also the grower.

  1. Distributor

The complete name of the distributor must be given. The distributor is the person or firm who brought the cultivar into commerce, or offered the plant to others for distribution. If this field is left blank, it is assumed the registrant is also the distributor.

  1. Name giver

The name giver is the person who derived the cultivar name being registered. If this field is left blank, it is assumed the registrant is also the name giver.

  1. Hybridizer’s reference

means a number or code of the hybridizer to identify the plant.

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      Flower Color

      Flower color WhiteYellowRedOrangePurplePink

      Petal Form

      Petal Form EllipticLanceolateOvoid
      Recurved RecurvedNot Recurved

      Stamens color

      Main color of stamens WhiteYellowRedPinkPurple

      Style color

      Main Color of Style WhiteYellowRedPinkPurple


      Color of the ripe fruits: WhiteYellowRedPinkGreen
      Ribbed: YesNo


      Please upload Photos with lateral view, front view of the flower and the entire plant.

    You can also register a plant with the PDF form below:

    Register Form Rhipsalidopsis (PDF, 199 kB) (585 downloads )
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