Schlumbergera opuntioides

Phylloclades flattened, pad-like similar to an Opuntia, 7 cm long and 3 cm wide, with some areoles and spines on it. Flowers with a well-developed perianth-tube, zygomorphic, up to 6 cm long, solid fuchsia pink with little recurve, self-sterile.
Fruits spherical, greenish, angled.
Flowering period in northern hemisphere: February-March.

First description:
Loefgren, J.A.C. & Dusén, P.K.H. (1905): Arquivos doe Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro 13: 49.

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Origin of the name:
opuntioides = with Opuntia-like stem segments.

Brazil (Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo) in altitudes between 1600 and 2300 m elevation.

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  • Epiphyllum opuntioides Loefgren & Dusén (1905)
  • Zygocactus opuntioides (Loefgren & Dusén) Loefgren (1918)
  • Epiphyllanthus obovatus (Engelmann ex K. Schumann) Britton & Rose (1923)
  • Epiphyllanthus opuntioides (Loefgren & Dusén) Moran (1953)


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