Schlumbergera kautskyi

Phylloclades flattened, 4 cm long and 2.5 cm wide, apical and marginal with forward pointing teeth. Flowers with a well-developed perianth-tube, zygomorphic, up to 5 cm long, fuchsia-pink, self-fertile.
Fruits elongated, greenish, ribbed.
Flowering period in northern hemisphere: September to November.

First description:
Horobin, J.F. & McMillan, A.J.S. (1991): Epiphytes. Newsletter of the Epiphytic Plant Study Group. Vol. 15, no. 57, p. 8.

Brazil (Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais), in altitudes above 1200 m.

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Origin of the name:
Honors Roberto Kautsky (1924-2010) from Domingos Martins, Brazil, who discovered the species.


  • Schlumbergera truncata subsp. kautskyi Horobin & McMillan (1991)


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