Schlumbergera Cultivars by Form

This table presents the most important form characteristics per cultivar. Using the selection fields enables you to look for small or extra large sized plants, growing upwards or more pending. Maybe with rounded clades or variegated clades. Just combine the selection criteria as you please, to find what you are looking for. Note: The content is under development and will be added piece by piece!

NameGroupGrowth habitClades colorClades sizePhylloclades form
'Abendroth A/2'
'Abendroth No. 13'
'Abendroth No. 14'
'Abendroth No. 2'
'Abendroth No. 4'
'Abendroth No. 6'
'Acadian Sunset'TRUNMdentate
'Adam and Eve'TRUN
'Adda Abendroth'
'Adrian Robert's Stardust'TRUN
'Aimee Roo'TRUN
'Akai Wara'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Albert Loefgren'RUSScrenate
'Albert Namatjira'TRUN
'Amanda Lee'
'Amarillo Arrugada'TRUN
'Amazon Sunset'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Amazonas Brazil'TRUN
'Amber Rain'TRUN
'Amelia Manda'TRUN
'American Beauty'
'Anapolis Brazil'TRUN
'Andenken an Rudolf Zenneck'TRUN
'Angel Dance'
'Angel Wings'TRUN
'Angela de Duc'
'Angele Leclerc'TRUNpendant
'Angele Leclerq'
'Angelic Bliss No. 2'TRUN
'Angel's Blush'TRUN
'Apple Blossom'TRUN
'Apricot Blush'TRUNpendantS
'Apricot Dance'
'Apricot Dancer'TRUN
'Ara Brazil'TRUN
Armu Roo'
'Artique Blush'TRUN
'Artique Royale'TRUN
'Audrey Weir'ORSS
'Australian Flame'TRUN
'Autumn Cheer'TRUN
'Autumn Glow'TRUN
'Baby Doll'TRUN
'Baby Pink'TRUN
'Badische Schönheit'RUSScrenate
'Bahia Brazil'TRUN
'Barbara Lenie'ORSSpendant
'Barbara Savage'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Barcelona 92'
'Beach Dancer'TRUNM
'Beauty Moon Tokai'TRUN
'Beauty Shy Tokai'TRUNpendant
'Beheim Alpha'ORSSpendant
'Beheim Pink'ORSSpendant
'Beheim Rose'TRUN
'Bella Ana'TRUNupright
'Bella Rosa'TRUN
'Benikujaku Tokai'ORSS
'Betty Mireau'TRUNuprightXScrenate
'Betty's Pride'
'Bicolor 3'
'Bicolor Brasil'
'Bicolor Crimson'
'Bicolor England'TRUN
'Bicolor Mauve'
'Bicolor Orange'
'Bicolor Pink'
'Bicolor Pink and White'
'Big Fire'TRUNupright
'Big Red'TRUN
'Bill's Red'
'Binn's Orange'TRUN
'Birchover 1'TRUN
'Birchover 2'TRUN
'Birds and Bees'TRUN
'Blanco Arrugada'TRUN
'Blazing Fantasy'TRUN
'Blazing Star'
'Blazing Sun'TRUN
'Blood Moon'ENIGuprightLdentate
'Blushen Beau'TRUN
'Blythe Spirit'TRUN
'Bobby Shafto'TRUN
'Bold Knight'
'Bon Ton'TRUN
'Boo Two'ORSS
'Boyle's 95-1'ENIG
'Boyle's 95-2'ENIGupright
'Boyle's Alaska'TRUN
'Boyle's DMO-7'ORSS
'Boyle's Harmony'TRUN
'Branca Dobrada'TRUN
'Bridal 77 Tokai'TRUN
'Brazil Delight'TRUNpendantMdentate
'Bridal Lace'TRUN
'Bright Baby'TRUN
'Bright Spark'TRUN
'Brilliant Star'TRUN
'Bristol Amber'ORSS
'Bristol Arancia'ORSS
'Bristol Beauty'TRUN
'Bristol Belle'TRUN
'Bristol Dawn'TRUN
'Bristol Fairy'TRUN
'Bristol Flame'ORSS
'Bristol Joy'TRUNvariegated
'Bristol Joy Variegated'TRUN
'Bristol Princess'TRUN
'Bristol Queen'ORSS
'Bristol Queen Variegated'ORSSvariegated
'Bristol Rose'ORSS
'Bristol Sunbeam'RUSScrenate
'Bruxas Brazil'TRUN
'Buckleyi Aurantiacum'
'Buckleyi Cupreum'
'Buckleyi Fuchsia Form'
'Buckleyi Rollissonii'
'Buena Orange'TRUN
'Bumpy Coral'ORSSpendant
'Bumpy Pink'ORSSpendant
'Burgundy Beauty'
'Burnt Orange'TRUN
'Burton Tobey'TRUN
'Buttercup Baby'
'Butterfly Dusky Pink'
'Butterfly Magic'
'Butterfly Pale Mauve'TRUN
'C Metcalfe's #94'
'Cady's Bicolor'TRUN
'Cady's Cerise Beauty'TRUN
'Cady's Corker'TRUN
'Cady's Large Cerise'TRUN
'Cady's Large Pink'TRUN
'Cady's Little Beauty'TRUN
'Cady's Magenta with White Tube'TRUN
'Cady's Orange Bell'TRUN
'Cady's Reddish Cerise'TRUN
'Calendar Girl'
'Caldera's Melanie'TRUN
'Campinas Brazil'TRUN
'Can Can'TRUN
'Candy Stripe'TRUN
'Cape Cod'TRUN
'Caribbean Dancer'TRUN
'Carmen Enigma'TRUN
'Carmen Sunset'
'Carmesin Brazil'TRUN
'Carmine Rose'TRUN
'Carneval Brazil'TRUN
'Carneval Brazil Variegated'TRUNvariegated
'Carnival Brazil'
'Carnival Lights'
'Carol Abbott'TRUNuprightScrenate
'Carole Ann McKeen'TRUN
'Caroline Shotton'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Carter's Orange'TRUNupright
'Carumba Tendenza'
'Cay Kruse'TRUNpendantScrenate
'Cerise Bicolor'
'Cerise Mauve Butterfly'
'Cha Cha'TRUN
'Chachapoya Chakana'TRUN
'Chachapoya Flamingo'TRUN
'Chachapoya Inka Princess'TRUN
'Chachapoya Inti'TRUN
'Chachapoya Sol de Oro'TRUN
'Chachapoya Tropical Orchid'TRUN
'Charles Lemaire'RUSSuprightcrenate
'Cherry Blossom'TRUNpendantSdentate
'Cherry Botanical'TRUN
'Cherry Glow'
'Cherry Heart Tokai'TRUN
'Cherry Red'
'Cherry Red Variegated'
'Chiba Bonfire'
'Chiba Bright'TRUNupright
'Chiba Citizen'
'Chiba Curl'TRUN
'Chiba Dabott'
'Chiba Dream'EXOT
'Chiba Etani'TRUN
'Chiba Fairy'
'Chiba Godmother'
'Chiba Got Mather'EXOTpendant
'Chiba Italia'
'Chiba Karesuto Millennia'TRUN
'Chiba Lara'TRUN
'Chiba Leila'
'Chiba Michael'
'Chiba Millennia'TRUN
'Chiba Opal'EXOT
'Chiba Pink Carola'
'Chiba Pink Ring'EXOTpendant
'Chiba Poaru'EXOT
'Chiba Princess'ORSSpendant
'Chiba Purple Sky'EXOTupright
'Chiba Queen'TRUN
'Chiba Reed'
'Chiba Rosseau'
'Chiba Ruby'EXOTupright
'Chiba Seron'
'Chiba Spot'TRUN
'Chiba Sunset'
'Chiba Winter'
'Chiba Youko'
'Christelle Fire'TRUN
'Christie Goodfellow'TRUN
'Christina Ghiasvand'TRUNpendant
'Christmas Candy'TRUN
'Christmas Charm'TRUN
'Christmas Cheer'TRUN
'Christmas Delight'TRUNupright
'Christmas Fantasy'TRUNupright
'Christmas Flame'TRUN
'Christmas Joy'TRUN
'Christmas Magic'TRUN
'Christmas Magic II'TRUN
'Christmas Peace'TRUN
'Christmas Smile'TRUN
'Classy Lassie'TRUN
'Clinton Keeler'TRUN
'Colibri Adriana'TRUN
'Colibri Christina'TRUN
'Color Spectable'TRUN
'Coraki Orange'
'Coral Cascade'ORSS
'Coral Delight'
'Coral Dreams'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Coral Glow'TRUN
'Coral Isle'
'Coral Red'TRUN
'Corumba Brazil'TRUN
'Cotton Candy'TRUN
'Crimson Flame'TRUNdentate
'Crimson Flight'TRUN
'Crimson Star'
'Cristen Aurea'TRUNuprightaurea
'Crown Cold'TRUN
'Crown Sovereign'ORSSpendant
'Crystal Gem'TRUN
'Curly Wurly'RUSScrenate
'Curt Backeberg'ORSS
'Cyber Dancer'TRUN
'Dainty Miss'TRUN
'Dark Eva'TRUN
'Dark Königer'
'Dark Madisto'TRUN
'Dark Marie'TRUN
'Dark Mauve'
'Dark Modesto'TRUN
'Dark Orange'
'Dark Pink'
'Dark Queen'ORSSpendant
'Dark Sonja'TRUN
'David and Goliath'ORSS
'Dawn's Light'TRUNpendantMdentate
'December Wedding'TRUNupright
'Decorum Christa'
'Dee Dee'
'Deep Pink'
'Del. King'TRUN
'Delicate Lass'
'Desert Heat'ORSSpendantSdentate
'Deutsche Kaiserin'TRUN
'Diana, Queen of Hearts'TRUN
'Dick's Choice'ORSS
'Doctor Dimond'ORSSupright
'Dolly Varden'TRUN
'Doremifa Purple'ENIG
'Dorothea Butterfly'
'Double Blush'TRUNpendantMdentate
'Double Delight'TRUNpendantMdentate
'Double Fantasy'TRUNpendantSdentate
'Double Frosted'TRUNpendantMdentate
'Double Joy'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Double Queen'ORSSuprightLdentate
'Double Scarlet'TRUNuprightSdentate
'Double Surprise'TRUNpendantXS
'Down Puff'TRUN
'Dr. Martin Luther King'ORSS
'Dr. Slavecki'
'Dr. Slawecki'
'Dream Angel Tokai'TRUN
'Duchess of York'ORSS
'Dusky Prince'TRUN
'Dusty Pink'
'Dutch April'TRUN
'Dutch Gold Nugget'TRUN
'Dwarf Pink'TRUN
'Early Queen'TRUN
'Eden Hill Argyle'TRUNpendant
'Eden Hill Pilbara Awe'TRUNupright
'Eden Hill Tropica'TRUNupright
'Eden Hill Zulu Chieftain'TRUNupright
'Elaine 2'TRUN
'Elegant Lady'TRUN
'Ellery's Firecracker'
'Ellery's Rita'TRUN
'Elma Johnson'TRUN
'Emerald Beach Tokai'TRUN
'Eprics Dream'TRUN
'Eprics Star'TRUNupright
'Espirito Brazil'TRUN
'Eunice Baldwin'TRUN
'Eva Marie McKeen'TRUNupright
'Exotic Dancer'TRUN
'Exotic Lady'TRUN
'Fairy Queen'TRUN
'Fairy Tale'ORSS
'Fanci Duchess'TRUN
'Fanci Fleur'TRUN
'Fanci Missi'TRUN
'Fantasy Queen'ORSSpendant
'Fire Dance'TRUN
'First Kiss'TRUN
'First Story Tokai'TRUN
'Flame Thrower'TRUN
'Flaming Lotus'ORSSuprightMdentate
'Flamingo Star'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Friendly Tokai'TRUN
'Floral Bouquet'TRUN
'Florence Tokai'TRUN
'Fly on Angel'TRUNpendantSdentate
'Flying Queen'ORSSpendant
'Fogo Brazilian'TRUNpendantLdentate
'Forsitele Bubble Gum'ORSSuprightSdentate
'Fortune Queen'
'Frances Rollason'TRUN
'Frau Silber'TRUN
'Frill Bell'TRUN
'Froreal Reddy'TRUN
'Frosted Pink'TRUN
'Frosty Pearl'TRUN
'Fuchsia Belle'TRUN
'Fuchsia Form'RUSScrenate
'Gail Glazier'ORSS
'Garden of Eden'TRUN
'Garten-Inspektor Voll'RUSScrenate
'Gary Conner'TRUN
'Geisha Girl'TRUN
'Genna Rae'TRUN
'George Gardner'RUSScrenate
'Germinal Pink'TRUN
'Gertrude Beahm'TRUNupright
'Giant Quill'TRUN
'Giant Tinsel'
'Glad Arrival'TRUN
'Glimmering Gold'TRUNpendantXScrenate
'Glory Doll'
'Glowing Embers'TRUNuprightXScrenate
'Gold Charm'TRUNupright
'Gold Delight'TRUN
'Gold Fantasy'
'Gold Lantern'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Gold Nugget'TRUN
'Golden Aurora'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Golden Crown'
'Golden Dancer'TRUN
'Golden Nebula'ORSSuprightMdentate
'Golden Pink'TRUNpendantSdentate
'Golden Queen'ORSSpendantLdentate
'Golden Sombrero'TRUNpendantMdentate
'Golden Solero'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Golden Sun'TRUN
'Grã-Duquesa Terezinha'ORSSpendantXLdentate
'Graeser's Pink'
'Grand Dame'TRUN
'Gräser's Pink'TRUNpendant
'Griffin's Salmon Red'TRUN
'Griffin's South Orange'TRUN
'Gruß aus Rio'TRUN
'Hakucho Tokai'TRUN
'Hanna M'TRUN
'Hatherton Beauty'RUSScrenate
'Hatherton Charm'ORSS
'Hatherton Delight'ORSSpendant
'Hatherton Sunrise'ORSS
'Hatherton Surprise'ORSS
'Heather Buys'ORSSupright
'Heavenly Symphony'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Hellviolett und Rot'
'Hillside 1'TRUN
'Hillside 2'RUSScrenate
'Hillside 3'
'Hillside 4'
'Hinson Orange'
'Hinson Pink'TRUN
'Hinson Red'TRUN
'Hinson White'TRUN
'Hoare's Naomi'TRUN
'Holiday Lites'RUSScrenate
'Holiday Splendor'TRUN
'Holiday Splendour'
'Holly Double'TRUNMdentate
'Holly White'TRUN
'Holmesby Red'RUSScrenate
'Hope Forever'ORSSpendantS
'Horizonte Brazil'TRUN
'Hot Pink and White'
'Hybrid No. 5 White'TRUN
'I. Jay'TRUN
'Ice Dancer'ORSSpendant
'Icy Sparkla'TRUN
'Imperatriz Ilza'ORSSpendantXLdentate
'Improved Delicatus'TRUN
'Inca Glow'TRUN
'Inka Gold'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Isabella Maria'ORSSpendant
'Jack Frost'TRUN
'Jan. Beauty'
'Jan. King'
'Jasma Jay'
'Joanna Buys'ORSSpendant
'Jodi Ann'TRUN
'John Ellery'ORSS
'Johnson's Vivid'TRUN
'Jolly Dancer'TRUN
'Joyce Carr'
'Julie Andrews'ORSS
'June Morning'TRUN
'Just a Star'ORSS
'Just Peachy'ORSSpendant
'K. Matta'TRUN
'Karani Fire'TRUN
'Kathryn Fields'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Kathy Gonaert'ORSS
'Kathy Gough'ORSS
'Keystone Carnival Lights'TRUNupright
'Keystone Cinnamon Moon'TRUN
'Keystone Halo Effect'TRUNpendantMdentate
'Keystone Padparadscha'TRUN
'Kieran Perkins'
'Kimberley No. 2'TRUN
'King Bell'TRUNupright
'Kokanje Charbuck'TRUNpendant
'Kokanje Sun'TRUN
'Kölli's Chris'ORSSpendant
'Kölli's Flamingo'ORSS
'Königer's Christmas Joy'
'Königer's Marie'RUSScrenate
'Königer's Orangee'TRUNpendant
'Königer's Weihnachtsfreude'
'Konpeitou Diamond'
'Konpeitou Fire'ENIG
'Konpeitou Orange'ENIG
'Konpeitou Pink'ENIG
'Kris Kringle'TRUN
'Kris Kringle II'TRUN
'L. Andre'
'La Feuillerie'TRUN
'La Vesuv'
'Labour Queen'ORSS
'Lady Ashley'ORSS
'Lady Belinda'ORSS
'Lady Brook'ORSS
'Lady Catherine'
'Lady Cathryn'ORSS
'Lady Emily'
'Lady Jayne'ORSS
'Lady Kathrine'ORSS
'Lady Kathryn'
'Lady Linda'ORSS
'Lady Pamela'ORSS
'Lady Patricia'ORSS
'Lady Priscilla'ORSS
'Lady Rachel'ORSS
'Laila Norman'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Laranja Dobrada'TRUN
'Large Red'
'Larks Brazil'TRUNupright
'Lavender Beauty'TRUNpendant
'Lavender Best'TRUN
'Lavender Blue'
'Lavender Bright'TRUN
'Lavender Doll'TRUN
'Lavender Doll II'TRUN
'Lavender Fantasy'
'Lavender Girl'
'Lavender Lady'RUSScrenate
'Lavender Magic ll'
'Le Vesuv'RUSScrenate
'Le Vesuve'RUSScrenate
'Lee Gordon Goodfellow'TRUNpendantXSdentate
'Leila's Cynthia'ORSS
'Lemon Drop'TRUN
'Lena Goodfellow'TRUN
'Leonardo da Vinci'TRUN
'Liberty Alicia'TRUN
'Liberty Angela'TRUN
'Liberty Anita'TRUN
'Liberty Anna Rose'TRUN
'Liberty Annettte'TRUN
'Liberty Apollo'TRUN
'Liberty Autumn Glow'TRUN
'Liberty Autumn Joy'TRUN
'Liberty Belinda'
'Liberty Belle'TRUN
'Liberty Betty'TRUN
'Liberty Bonanza'TRUN
'Liberty Candicans'TRUN
'Liberty Cara Mia'TRUN
'Liberty Caragem'TRUN
'Liberty Caralee'TRUN
'Liberty Caralyne'TRUN
'Liberty Caranda'TRUN
'Liberty Caranga'
'Liberty Carbella'TRUN
'Liberty Carbrina'
'Liberty Cardelia'TRUN
'Liberty Cardoza'TRUN
'Liberty Carella'TRUN
'Liberty Caretta'TRUN
'Liberty Carima'
'Liberty Carinetta'TRUN
'Liberty Caringa'TRUN
'Liberty Carissa'TRUN
'Liberty Carita'TRUN
'Liberty Carlanie'TRUN
'Liberty Carlencia'
'Liberty Carley'TRUN
'Liberty Carlome'TRUN
'Liberty Carlona'
'Liberty Carman'
'Liberty Carona'TRUN
'Liberty Caronga'
'Liberty Carthella'TRUN
'Liberty Cartonia'
'Liberty Cha Cha'TRUN
'Liberty Charmer'TRUN
'Liberty Cheerfull'
'Liberty Chrissy'TRUN
'Liberty Christina'TRUN
'Liberty Cynthia'TRUN
'Liberty Delight'TRUN
'Liberty Destiny'TRUN
'Liberty Dreamtime'TRUN
'Liberty Emma'TRUNpendant
'Liberty Enchantment'TRUN
'Liberty Fairy Rose'TRUN
'Liberty Fantasia'TRUN
'Liberty Felicia'TRUN
'Liberty Festivity'TRUN
'Liberty Flamingo'TRUN
'Liberty Flirtation'TRUN
'Liberty Gaylene'TRUN
'Liberty Georgie Girl'
'Liberty Glenda'TRUN
'Liberty Heather'TRUN
'Liberty Helena'TRUN
'Liberty Isabella'
'Liberty Jaffa'TRUN
'Liberty Jane'TRUN
'Liberty Janice'TRUN
'Liberty Jasma Joy'
'Liberty Jasmine'TRUN
'Liberty Jazz Ballet'TRUN
'Liberty Jessica'TRUN
'Liberty Jet Set'TRUN
'Liberty Jill'TRUN
'Liberty Jillian'TRUN
'Liberty Joanna'TRUN
'Liberty Josephine'TRUN
'Liberty Joybell'TRUN
'Liberty Joylene'TRUN
'Liberty Judy'TRUN
'Liberty Julia'TRUN
'Liberty Lauralie'
'Liberty Lavender Glow'TRUN
'Liberty Lavender Mist'TRUN
'Liberty Lee Ann'TRUN
'Liberty Leona'TRUN
'Liberty Libelle'TRUN
'Liberty Lila'TRUN
'Liberty Limelight'TRUN
'Liberty Liza'TRUN
'Liberty Lovesong'TRUN
'Liberty Malectra'TRUN
'Liberty Marianna'TRUN
'Liberty Marina'TRUN
'Liberty Marlena'TRUN
'Liberty Maybelle'
'Liberty Orange Gem'
'Liberty Orange Supreme'
'Liberty Pink Charm'TRUN
'Liberty Pink Frost'TRUN
'Liberty Pixie'TRUN
'Liberty Poppet'TRUN
'Liberty Romance'
'Liberty Rosabelle'
'Liberty Rosalie'
'Liberty Rosalinde'
'Liberty RoseMary'
'Liberty Rosie'TRUN
'Liberty Rosina'TRUN
'Liberty Rosy Morn'TRUN
'Liberty Ruby'TRUN
'Liberty Ruby Glow'
'Liberty Samantha'TRUN
'Liberty Sharee'TRUN
'Liberty Sharie'
'Liberty Splendour'TRUN
'Liberty Street'TRUN
'Liberty Sugar Babe'TRUN
'Liberty Sun'
'Liberty Susette'TRUN
'Liberty Susie'TRUN
'Liberty Tasma Jay'TRUN
'Liberty Tasma Joy'
'Liberty Tiffany'TRUN
'Liberty Tinsie'TRUN
'Liberty Tracy'TRUN
'Liberty Winter Cheer'
'Light red'
'Light reddish-pink variegated'
'Lilac Beauty'TRUN
'Lime Light'
'Limelight Dancer'TRUN
'Linda's Purple'
'Lindy Loo'TRUN
'Lip Mountain'TRUN
'Lipstick Pink'
'Lisa Curry'
'Little Angel's Dream'TRUN
'Little Baby Boo'TRUN
'Little Bigfoot'TRUNuprightXScrenate
'Little Butter Stick'TRUNuprightXScrenate
'Little Coconut Cream'TRUNupright
'Little Cutie'TRUNpendantXSdentate
'Little Darlin'RUSSuprightXScrenate
'Little Fire'TRUNupright
'Little Momma Hong'TRUN
'Little Pot O'Gold'TRUNuprightXScrenate
'Little Qualicum Christmas'TRUNuprightXScrenate
'Little Shrimp'TRUN
'Little Smoke Signal'TRUN
'Little Sockeye'TRUN
'Little Sunkiss'XS
'Little Victory'ORSSpendantSdentate
'London Starchid'TRUN
'Lonely Heart'TRUN
'Lord Byron'ORSS
'Lorna Doone'TRUNupright
'Lorraine Leclerc'TRUNpendant
'Louanna Lunde'TRUNupright
'Lovely City Tokai'TRUN
'Lovely Lady'TRUN
'Lupinus Tokai'TRUN
'Ma Chérie'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Madam Ganna Walska'TRUN
'Madame Alfassa'RUSScrenate
'Madame Butterfly'ORSS
'Madame Butterfly Variegated'ORSSpendantvariegated
'Madame Chatenay'RUSScrenate
'Madame Ed. Andre'TRUN
'Madame Fournier'TRUN
'Madame Schlumberger'
'Madison Frilled'
'Madeline French'EXOT
'Magenta Rose'
'Magenta Star'TRUN
'Magic Butterfly'ORSSpendant
'Magic Fantasy'
'Magical Insight'ORSSpendantXLdentate
'Manda's Orange'TRUN
'Mander's Orange'
'Mandy Bahnwart'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Mandy's Orange'
'Mandy's Salmon'
'Mango Moon'
'Mango Tango'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Manitoba Sunrise'TRUN
'Manitoba Sunset'TRUN
'Marble Bar'TRUN
'Marea Burke'TRUN
'Margaret's Mauve'RUSScrenate
'Magrit Königer'TRUN
'Maria Callas'TRUN
'Marshmallow Tokai'TRUNupright
'Mary Lou'
'Mary Lou'TRUN
'May Blos'TRUN
'McGregor's Purple King'RUSScrenate
'Merriel Ellery'TRUN
'Mikado Sunrise'
'Mikado Sunset'
'Millenium Fantasy'TRUN
'Minas Brazil'TRUN
'Mini Laterne'TRUN
'Mini Paprika'TRUNpendantXSdentate
'Mini Purple'
'Miss America'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Miss Annie'ORSSvariegated
'Miss Dainty'
'Miss Shimano'TRUN
'Mister Drummer'TRUN
'Misty Missy'TRUN
'Monsieur Belle'RUSScrenate
'Monsieur Chatenay'RUSScrenate
'Monsieur Ed. Andre'RUSScrenate
'Monsieur Fournier'RUSScrenate
'Monsieur le Docteur Slawecki'RUSScrenate
'Moonlight Fantasy'TRUN
'Moonlit Gold'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Morgan le Fay'TRUN
'Morrision's Yellow'TRUN
'Mother's Day'TRUN
'Mrs Sachiko'
'MsPamela Pink'TRUN
'Mt. Kosiosko'
'My Donna'TRUN
'Nancy Orange'
'Naomi I'TRUN
'Naomi II'TRUN
'Nativa Brasil Nilva'TRUNpendantMdentate
'New Christmas'TRUN
'New Deal'TRUNdentate
'New Horizon'
'New Red'TRUN
'New Seaburry'ORSS
'New Years Shocker'TRUN
'New Yellow'TRUN
'New York'ORSS
'Nighteen Summers'TRUN
'Noce de Noel'
'Noris Variegated'TRUN
'Northern Lights'TRUN
'Novel Red'
'Novembro Brazil'TRUN
'Nutbush City Limits'TRUN
'Oakleigh Festival'TRUN
'Old Ann'TRUNpendant
'Olivia Sofia'ORSSpendantMcrenate
'On Parade'TRUN
'Opal Glow'TRUN
'Opal Hybrid'
'Opal Perfection'
'Orange Angel'TRUNupright
'Orange Beauty'TRUN
'Orange Bell'TRUN
'Orange Bicolor'TRUN
'Orange Brazil'TRUNdentate
'Orange Charm'TRUN
'Orange Devil'TRUN
'Orange Fantasy'
'Orange Flame'TRUNdentate
'Orange Glory'TRUN
'Orange Lightning'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Orange Monarch'
'Orange Nectar'
'Orange Noris'TRUN
'Orange No. 1'
'Orange Pop'
'Orange Prince'
'Orange Satin'TRUN
'Orange Splash'TRUN
'Orange Sunset'TRUN
'Orange Wings'TRUN
'Orchid Beauty'TRUN
'Otome no Kaori'TRUN
'Otto Voll'TRUN
'Our Dolly'TRUN
'Outono Brazil'TRUN
'Pablo Vasquez'
'Painted Lady'TRUN
'Pale Apricot'
'Pale Lavender'
'Pale Pink'
'Pale Salmon'
'Paprika Neo'TRUN
'Paradise King'TRUN
'Paramount Pink'RUSScrenate
'Parana Brazil'TRUN
'Pastel Surprise'TRUN
'Party Girl'TRUN
'Peach Dancer'
'Peach Melba'TRUN
'Peach Parfait'TRUNupright
'Peach Star'TRUN
'Peaches and Cream'TRUN
'Peaches N Cream'TRUN
'Pearl of Marilia'TRUN
'Pearl Queen Tokai'ORSS
'Pearl Weve'TRUNpendant
'Peter's Pink'TRUN
'Petit Diamond'
'Petite Pastel'TRUN
'Petite Reine'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Pink and Red'RUSScrenate
'Pink Beauty'TRUN
'Pink Bell'
'Pink Brazil'TRUNdentate
'Pink Chocolate'ORSSpendant
'Pink Cloud'TRUN
'Pink Elephant'RUSScrenate
'Pink Flame'TRUNdentate
'Pink Illusion'
'Pink Jaffa'TRUN
'Pink Jaimee'TRUN
'Pink Lace'
'Pink Lady'TRUNupright
'Pink Parachute'
'Pink Parfait'TRUN
'Pink Pearl'
'Pink Pearl'TRUNvariegated
'Pink Perfection'TRUN
'Pink Petticoats'TRUNpendantSdentate
'Pink Plume'TRUN
'Pink Princess'
'Pink Regent'ORSSpendant
'Pink Rose'
'Pink Sensation'TRUNupright
'Pink Sunny'TRUN
'Pink Variegated'variegated
'Polar Dancer'TRUN
'Pole Star'TRUNpendantS
'Polka Dancer'TRUN
'Porcelain Pink'TRUN
'Poulson's Electra'TRUN
'Prairie Gold'TRUNupright
'Precious Promise'TRUNpendantScrenate
'President Greig'TRUN
'President Grevy'TRUN
'Pretty Brazil'TRUN
'Primavera Red'TRUN
'Primavera White'TRUN
'Princess Eleonore'ORSSpendantdentate
'Proud Mary'ORSS
'Proud Tina'ORSS
'Purple Beauty'RUSScrenate
'Purple Brazil'TRUNdentate
'Purple Butterfly'
'Purple Dancer'TRUNuprightdentate
'Purple Delight'RUSScrenate
'Purple Devil'TRUN
'Purple Flame'TRUN
'Purple Janus'TRUNuprightLdentate
'Purple King'
'Purple King'RUSScrenate
'Purple King small segment'RUSScrenate
'Purple Pyramid'TRUN
'Purple Red'TRUN
'Purple Variegated'TRUN
'Queen Bouquet'ORSSpendant
'Queen Máxima'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Queen Sovereign'ORSSpendant
'Queens Guard'
'Quick Silver'TRUN
'Radiant Queen'
'Ralf Bauer'TRUN
'Raining Colors'
'Raining Violets'ORSS
'Raward's Wonder'TRUN
'Real Purple'TRUN
'Red and White Bicolor'
'Red Aspen'
'Red Beauty'
'Red Bicolor'
'Red Brazil'TRUNdentate
'Red Devil'TRUN
'Red Elephant'RUSScrenate
'Red Elf'TRUN
'Red Flame'TRUNdentate
'Red Maude'TRUNpendantMcrenate
'Red No. 2'TRUN
'Red Radiance'TRUNpendant
'Red Roller'
'Red Rover'
'Red Star'
'Red Variegated'
'Red Wings'
'Red-Purple No. 3'
'Regina Rosie'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Rev. Ray Weir'ORSS
'Ribbon Candy'TRUNupright
'Richelle Ellery'ORSS
'Rio Brazil'TRUN
'Rita Scott'TRUNupright
'Robert's Bicolor'TRUN
'Robert's Pink Perfection'TRUN
'Rojo Arrugada'TRUN
'Rokoko Tokai'
'Roman Candle'TRUN
'Rosa Arrugada'TRUN
'Rosa Brazil'TRUNdentate
'Rosa Clara'
'Rosa Escura'
'Rosa palido'
'Rosa palido Brazil'TRUNdentate
'Rose Pink'
'Rose Star'TRUN
'Rosemary Heather'TRUNupright
'Rosemary Keeler'RUSScrenate
'Rossmore Alicia'ORSS
'Rossmore Anjelka's Pride'
'Rossmore Atlanta 96'
'Rossmore Barbara Mott'TRUN
'Rossmore Barcelona 92'TRUN
'Rossmore Beauty'
'Rossmore Betty Gross'
'Rossmore Brett Ezzy'
'Rossmore Carlotta'TRUN
'Rossmore Crimson Star'TRUN
'Rossmore Dianne Maree'
'Rossmore Fireglow'ORSS
'Rossmore Floral Bouquet'TRUNupright
'Rossmore Fuchsine'
'Rossmore Gabe Kelleman'
'Rossmore Gina'
'Rossmore GO 915'
'Rossmore Harry'TRUN
'Rossmore Jessy Hardy'
'Rossmore Kathy Gough'
'Rossmore Katrina'TRUN
'Rossmore Keiran'ORSS
'Rossmore Lady Emily'ORSS
'Rossmore Lisa'
'Rossmore Magenta'TRUN
'Rossmore Marcus'ORSS
'Rossmore Melody'TRUN
'Rossmore Mt. Kosiosko'TRUN
'Rossmore Natasha Ellery'TRUN
'Rossmore Pablo Vasquez'
'Rossmore Patricia Dorlandt'upright
'Rossmore Pink Ice'
'Rossmore Prince Charming'
'Rossmore Range'
'Rossmore Rex Hardy'
'Rossmore Robyn McKeown'TRUN
'Rossmore Royal Robe'TRUN
'Rossmore Ryan Ellery'
'Rossmore Samantha'
'Rossmore Sheila Porter'TRUN
'Rossmore Shirley Stackhouse'ORSS
'Rossmore Sonia Ellery'TRUN
'Rossmore Splendor'
'Rossmore Storm'
'Rossmore Thalia Jessica Ellery'ORSS
'Rossmore Virginia Ann'
'Rosso Tokai'
'Round Red'
'Royal Command'
'Royal Robe'
'Royal Touch'TRUN
'Royal Velvet'TRUNuprightSdentate
'Rubrum Type 1'RUSScrenate
'Rubrum Type 2'RUSScrenate
'Ruby Gem'TRUN
'Ruby Red'TRUN
'Rudolph II'TRUN
'Russ Driskill'ORSSupright
'Russian Dancer'TRUN
'Ruth Day'ORSS
'Salmon and White'
'Salmon Pink'
'Salmon Queen'
'Salmon Red'
'Salmon Red'
'Salmon Two Tone'
'Salmon Variegated'
'Salmoneum Rubrum'RUSScrenate
'Salsa Dancer'TRUN
'Salsa Fever'TRUN
'Salvador Brazil'TRUNupright
'Samba Brazil'TRUN
'Samba Dream'ORSSpendantLdentate
'Samba Festival'
'Samba Lightning'
'Samba Queen'ORSSpendantSdentate
'Sammi J'TRUN
'Santa Cruz'TRUN
'São Paulo Brazil'TRUN
'Sarah Wildman'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Satin Excella'TRUN
'Satin Glory'TRUN
'Scarlet Ribbon'TRUN
'Schoenbrunn Basket 001'RUSScrenate
'Schwarzwald Julie Cramer'ORSSupright
'Sea of Delights'
'Seem Heart Tokai'TRUN
'Shake Heart Tokai'TRUN
'Shalulu Tokai'TRUN
'Shining Girl Tokai'TRUNpendantdentate
'Shirley Stackhouse'
'Shooting Star'
'Silken Sunrise'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Silky Lavender'TRUN
'Silky Queen'ORSSpendant
'Silky Stars'
'Senorita Laika'TRUNpendant
'Sir Paul'ORSS
'Sir Robert'ORSS
'Sleigh Bells'TRUN
'Snow Angel'TRUN
'Snow Birdy'TRUNpendantMdentate
'Snow Cupid'TRUN
'Snow Dancer'TRUN
'Snow King'TRUNpendantMdentate
'Snow Queen'TRUNpendantSdentate
'Snow White'TRUN
'Snow World'TRUNpendantSdentate
'Sodom and Gomorra'ORSS
'Sol Brazil'TRUN
'Solar Flair'
'Soul Lira'ORSSuprightMdentate
'Sound Memory Tokai'TRUNpendantdentate
'Sound of Silence'ORSSpendant
'South Orange'
'South Orange'TRUN
'Spanish Dancer'ORSSpendant
'Spanish Quill'TRUNpendant1.5Sdentate
'Sparkling Red'TRUNpendantSdentate
'Spectabile Coccineum'TRUN
'Spring Breeze'
'Sri Lanka'
'St. Charles'TRUN
'St. George'TRUN
'St. Luke'TRUN
'St. Vincent'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Strawberry Fantasy'TRUN
'Student Prince'TRUN
'Sun Beach Tokai'TRUN
'Sun from Holland'TRUN
'Sunburst Fantasy'TRUN
'Sunny Bright White'TRUN
'Sunny Bright Yellow'TRUNupright
'Sunny Lip'TRUN
'Sunny Lip - 2'TRUN
'Sunrise Butterfly'ORSS
'Sunrise Rainbow'TRUN
'Sun's Mantle'
'Sunset Blow Tokai'TRUN
'Sunset Butterfly'ORSS
'Sunset Dancer'TRUN
'Sunset Glow'ORSSpendant
'Sunshine Girl'TRUN
'Sunshine Yellow'TRUN
'Super Königer'
'Super White Bell'TRUN
'Swan Dance'TRUN
'Swan Lake'
'Swedish Crown'TRUNpendantLdentate
'Sweet Dreams'
'Sweet Sue'TRUN
'Tango Dancer'TRUN
'Tango Queen'TRUNpendantXLdentate
'Tasma Joy'
'Tender Light'TRUNuprightSdentate
'Tender Peach'TRUNpendantXSdentate
'Tenshi No Mai Tokai'TRUN
'Thermidor Red'TRUN
'Think Pink'ORSS
'Thor Alec'TRUN
'Thor Alex'TRUN
'Thor Alice'TRUNupright
'Thor Alise'TRUNupright
'Thor Amanda'TRUN
'Thor Bella'TRUN
'Thor Botha'TRUN
'Thor Britt'
'Thor Britta'TRUN
'Thor Carmen'TRUN
'Thor Caroline'
'Thor Carolyne'TRUN
'Thor Cecilie'TRUNupright
'Thor Clara'TRUN
'Thor Eina'TRUN
'Thor Eliza'TRUN
'Thor Emily'
'Thor Emma'TRUN
'Thor Freya'TRUN
'Thor Hiro'TRUN
'Thor Ida'TRUNupright
'Thor Isabella'TRUN
'Thor Jasmine'TRUN
'Thor Jessica'TRUN
'Thor Kiri'TRUN
'Thor Line'TRUN
'Thor Livia'TRUNupright
'Thor Louise'TRUN
'Thor Mia'TRUN
'Thor Nille'TRUN
'Thor Olga'TRUN
'Thor Olivia'TRUN
'Thor Pandora'TRUN
'Thor Ritt'TRUN
'Thor Sarah'TRUN
'Thor Sharon'TRUN
'Thor Sophia'TRUN
'Thor Tenna'TRUN
'Thor Tina'TRUNpendant
'Thor Vida'TRUN
'Thor Vita'TRUN
'Thor Wild Cactus'ENIGupright
'Thor Wild Cactus Orange'ENIGupright
'Thor Wild Cactus Pink'ENIGupright
'Thor Wild Cactus Red'ENIGupright
'Thor Wild Cactus White'ENIGupright
'Thor Wildflower'
'Thor Zenia'TRUN
'Thor Zita'TRUNupright
'Tico Tico'
'Tina Turner'TRUN
'TK Apricot Rose'
'TK Cherry Rose'TRUN
'TK Pink Rose'TRUN
'TK White Rose'TRUN
'Toa Alice'TRUN
'Toa Elm'TRUN
'Tropicana Jubilee'TRUNpendantMdentate
'Tuscan Sun'ORSSpendantMdentate
'Turk's Turban'RUSScrenate
'Twilight Dancer'TRUN
'Twilight Tangerine'TRUN
'Universe Tokai'TRUN
'Utopia Tokai'TRUNuprightdentate
'Val Rose'TRUN
'Valle G1'TRUN
'Valle G2'TRUN
'Variegated Red'TRUN
'Vermilion Rose'
'Vieux Rose'TRUN
'Vila Velha Brazil'TRUN
'Vinho Brazil'TRUNupright
'Violet Beauty'TRUN
'Vista Beauty'TRUN
'Voll. Coll. H.'TRUN
'W.A. Manda'RUSScrenate
'W.L. Freuden'TRUN
'Walle's Novembertraum'TRUN
'Walle's Petite Papillon'TRUN
'Waltzing Mathilde'ORSSuprightMdentate
'Watermelon Pink'TRUN
'Watson's Purple'
'Welling Cherry'RUSScrenate
'Welling Pink'TRUN
'Welling Wonder'pendant
'Wendy's World'ORSSpendant
'Westraliana Anjelka's Pride'
'Westraliana Barbara Joan Scrivener'
'Westraliana Broome'
'Westraliana Cascade'
'Westraliana Des Ellery'
'Westraliana Fitzroy'
'Westraliana Kimberley's'
'Westraliana Leschenaultia'
'Westraliana Lindy Loo'
'Westraliana Murchison'
'Westraliana Perth Dawn'
'Westraliana Pilbara Sunset'
'Westraliana Red'
'Westraliana Rosa'
'Westraliana Rusty'
'Westraliana Tango'
'Westraliana Winifred Dorian'
'White Beauty'TRUN
'White Bell'TRUN
'White Bell Variegated'TRUNvariegated
'White Brazil'TRUNdentate
'White Christmas'TRUN
'White Cristen'TRUNuprightdentate
'White Dews'ORSSpendantMdentate
'White Dobrada'
'White Dove'TRUN
'White Eva'TRUN
'White Fantasy'TRUN
'White Flame'TRUNdentate
'White Flamenco'TRUN
'White Madisto'TRUN
'White Modesto'
'White Nicole'TRUN
'White Quill'TRUNupright
'White Rags'TRUN
'White Rose'
'White Sonja'TRUN
'White Star'
'White with Cerise Edge'
'White with Pink Edge'
'White with Purple Edge'
'Wild Thing'ENIGpendantSdentate
'Will Scarlet'TRUN
'Wilma Brown'TRUN
'Wilson's Pink Pearl'TRUN
'Winkly Pink'TRUN
'Winter Love'TRUNpendantSdentate
'Winter Rose'
'Winter Sun'TRUNuprightMdentate
'Winton's Parna'TRUN
'Witte Eva'
'Yellow Brazil'TRUNdentate
'Yellow Dwarf'RUSScrenate
'Yellow Emperor'
'Yellow Future'TRUN
'Yellow Queen'TRUN
'ZM-Princess of Monaco'ORSSSdentate


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