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In Memoriam Prof. Dr. Jochen Bockemühl (1939-2022) †

On April 1, 2022 Jochen Bockemühl, longtime leader of the Working Group “EPIG – Interessengemeinschaft Epiphytische Kakteen” and member of our team passed away shortly before his 83rd birthday. He was one of the founding members of the group initiated in 1989 by Kurt Petersen, the former president of the DKG, and continued it from 1993 in a team of four. During this time, under his editorship, the eponymous journal EPIG evolved from a typewritten, photocopied newsletter to a b/w printed quarterly brochure with photos pasted in, to a now recognized, full-color journal throughout. In addition, his book “Epikakteen – Geschichte, Züchtung und Kultur” (together with Eckhard Meier, special publication of the DKG 2014) and his contribution to our “The International List of Schlumbergera and Rhipsalidopsis Species and Hybrids” will remain. His name is also associated with an Epicactus cultivar named after him as well as the selection Schlumbergera orssichiana ‘Jochen’.

Jochen’s open, approachable manner, knowledge and inclusive nature will be missed. Our sympathies go out to his family and surviving relatives.

Matthias Appelt and the team of “The International List of Schlumbergera and Rhipsalidopsis Species and Hybrids”.

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