Celebrating Lee Gordon Goodfellow’s Service to SRL

On March 1st, 2024 Lee Gordon Goodfellow retired from his service as Registrar for SRL. We wish Lee the best as he strides out in a new season of life.

Lee’s commitment and dedication to the Schlumbergera and Rhipsalidopsis community has been an all-encompassing service to others. Over the years Lee has spent countless hours mentoring new collectors and breeders, introducing decades worth of breeding efforts (including a wide range of mini schlumbergera), collaborating with the world’s leading schlumbergera breeders, and volunteering as our Registrar and cataloging not only the new cultivars but the difficult task of cataloging our historic cultivars; many of which had been long forgotten.

Lee’s experiences brought to ICRA Rhipsalideae a depth of wisdom and foresight which propelled ICRA Rhipsalideae into the resource it has become today. His willingness to serve and yield to the collective good of this international organization is an example for all.
Lee’s love of schlumbergera paired with his love of people has been evident to all who’ve had the privilege of knowing him; and even more so to those who’ve had the honor of working alongside him. From us here at ICRA Rhipsalideae and the broader community as a whole, we thank you Lee for all you have given us, and may our continued efforts be equal to your contribution!
Moving forward, Curt Burroughs has agreed to step into the responsibilities of Registrar.

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