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In Memoriam Desmond Kingsley (Des) Ellery (1930-2023)†

Des Ellery

Sadly, the world of Schlumbergera and Rhipsalidopsis growers lost an outstanding pioneer in 2023. Well known Australian Schlumbergera hybridizer, Desmond Kinglsley Ellery passed away January 24, 2023. He and his wife Merriel owned and operated Buena Vista Nursery in Rossmore, NSW, Australia. Des was a founding Schlumbergera hybridizer on the Australian continent. His hybrid cultivars can be found in private collections in Australia, Europe, the U.K. and the United States. Des’ hybrids from the 1990s were known by the Rossmore prefix: such as: Rossmore Anjelka’s Pride, Rosmore Barbara Mott, Rossmore Diane Maree, Rossmore Floral Bouquet, Rossmore Harry, Rossmore Mount Kosiosko, Rossmore Natasha Ellery, Rossmore Sonia Ellery, and Rossmore Thalia Jessica Ellery to name but a few. Des created a total of 165 Schlumbergera cultivars throughout his horticultural career. This was truly an outstanding accomplishment. Internationally known, he contributed greatly to the popularity of epiphytic cacti, especially the genus Schlumbergera. Thank you Des

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