Schlumbergera Hybrid



NameSynonym ofRegister numberApplicant
'Renate'SRL-Sch-2022-0049Angela R. Erwin
HybridizerCountryHybridizer referenceName giver
Angela R. ErwinUSAAngela R. Erwin
Name yearGroupGrowth habitSeedling/Sport
Pod parentPollen parentPollination yearColor
Red noid'Christmas Charm'2018red
Flower classFlower formColor compositionFlower size
Petal formRecurvedStamen colorStyle color
Fruit colorFruit edgedFlower descriptionClades color
redyesstriking, vivid cherry-red flowers suffuse lighter toward the petal centers. Ventral and basal petals recurve. Petals are bluntly tipped. Flower throat and tube are white. A magenta-pink stigma extends well beyond the anthers. Mature buds are bright cherry red.
Clades sizePhylloclades formReferenceComments
MdentateSRL Registrationmature phylloclades are dark green with 3-4 sharply pointed dentations along each margin. The two upper dentations on each side exceed the lower dentations in size. Cupping noted on some phylloclades. This is an earlier cross made by Angela Erwin and is
dedicated to her mother Renate.
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