Schlumbergera Hybrid

‘Thor Sophia’


NameSynonym ofRegister numberApplicant
'Thor Sophia'SRL-Sch-XXXX-1294
HybridizerCountryHybridizer referenceName giver
Name yearGroupGrowth habitSeedling/Sport
Pod parentPollen parentPollination yearColor
pod parent unknownpollen parent unknownyellow
Flower classFlower formColor compositionFlower size
Petal formRecurvedStamen colorStyle color
Fruit colorFruit edgedFlower descriptionClades color
mature buds and flowers are intense golden yellow. Petal bases and throats are white. Broad elliptic petals have pointed tips. Lower petals have blunter apexes and are slightly smaller. Upper petals exhibit a micro-thin pencil line of orange-red along lower marginal halves. Ventral and basal petals recurve, but mature flowers can have recurve on all petals. Stamens are white. Style is a bright magenta red. Stigma is bright magenta pink and barely extends past the anther cluster.
Clades sizePhylloclades formReferenceComments
PBR; SRL Teamphylloclades are shiny medium to dark green with 3 small to medium size forward facing dentations along each marginal edge. Upper dentations are larger. Areole notches are shallow. Mid ribs are prominent. Phylloclades are not always flat, but may have slight undulations along their edges.
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