Schlumbergera Hybrid



NameSynonym ofRegister numberApplicant
HybridizerCountryHybridizer referenceName giver
Merv WilliamsAustralia
Name yearGroupGrowth habitSeedling/Sport
Pod parentPollen parentPollination yearColor
Flower classFlower formColor compositionFlower size
Petal formRecurvedStamen colorStyle color
Fruit colorFruit edgedFlower descriptionClades color
upper petals silvery rhodamine with carmine tips and paler throats. Lower petals carmine rhodamine with redder reverses. Flower length to 7 cm. Upper width 6.5 cm., lower width 6 cm. Tube length 2.5 cm. Ovary receptacle four to five ribbed, pinkish yellow to amber yellow. Reverse umbrella shaped flowers. Blooms late June to early August (Australia). Note: 1) Flower shape and ovary color links this closer to S. x buckleyi x S. truncata types which have mainly four ribbed, reddish hued bronze green ovary receptacles. 'Truncatus small segment' has up to five ribs with pinkish to amber coloring. 2) Flower is a smaller, paler color than either cvs. 'Supreme' or 'Bahai'. 3) Darker and not as red as cv. 'Coppersheen'. 4) Darker than cv. 'Woodgate'. 5) More silvery rhodamine than the deep magenta pink of cv. 'Opal Glow'.
Clades sizePhylloclades formReferenceComments
E.B. Hoare Notes: A6-1-3; E.B. Hoare Notes: A6-2-4
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