Comparing flower sizes of Rhipsalidopsis

Rhipsalidopsis hybrids do not get as much attention as Schlumbergera hybrids.

However, Rhipsalidopsis flowers, when most Schlumbergera are done flowering and are growing instead. Because of that, Rhipsalidopsis hybrids should be of interest to many people that only grow Schlumbergera at present. In addition as interest grows, so will the amount of available hybrids. One of the new crosses excels at least in size and is therefore called ‘Supernova’. It is a cross between the botanic species Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri and a newly developed white flowering Rhipsalidopsis.

Below you will find a picture showing some Rhipsalidopsis and their approximate flower size. The different flowers are on scale.

Rhipsalidopsis sizes
Photo: Ruud Tropper

As you can see, Rhipsalidopsis can rival with Schlumbergera hybrids in size.

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