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Release of version 2021.1

The Schlumbergera.net team has been working hard for the last months to offer a new release of The International Schlumbergera & Rhipsalidopsis List of Species and Hybrids List. It contains many new and changed entries in addition to many grammatical corrections and other improvements.
In the Schlumbergera List, we added 60 completely new entries and enriched 96 entries.
For the Rhipsalidopsis List, 7 new entries were added and 4 had a major change. The new ones include some exciting new registrations of Lucia Gorniak from Brazil.
People of the community have been supporting this behind the screens by supplying and/or translating material from different sources.
To support people who have made a printout from the previous version, we are also developing supplements, to avoid unnecessary printing. All can be found on the home page of Schlumbergera.net.
The online database now contains more than 1300 pictures for Schlumbergera and over 100 pictures for Rhipsalidopsis.
These pictures were donated by an increasing number of contributors from all over the world. A growing community.

We would like to encourage people to register names and descriptions!

For now, please enjoy this new version and let us know what could be improved.

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