Most used pod and pollen parents (Schlumbergera)

When hybridizing, there is always the choice what to use as the mother (pod parent) and which one to use as the father (pollen parent).

For about half of the hybrids in the list we do know the mother and father used, for the other half the parents are unknown.

The most popular mother plants we know off are:

S. truncata var delicata 43
S. orssichiana 34
‘Lavender Doll’ 31
‘Heatwave’ 26
‘South Orange’ 24
‘Liberty Bonanza’ 18
‘Bicolor’ 15
‘Scarlet’ 12
‘Gloria’ 11
‘Orange Beauty’ 11

The first one in the list is Schlumbergera truncata var. delicata. This white flowering botanic species was one of the first available.
The most popular father plants we know off are:

S. orssichiana 66
‘White Christmas’ 53
Disocactus macranthus 40
‘Electra’ 32
‘Ben’ 25
‘Purple King’ 24
‘Sonja’ 18
S. truncata var. delicata 16
‘Christmas Charm’ 14
‘Kimberly’ 13

Again we see the Schlumbergera orssichiana which is known for its big flowers at the top. Disocactus macranthus is also used frequently. Disocactus macranthus however is known to be a good stimulator for self-pollination and the offspring are similar to the mother plant.

Again we see a white flowering hybrid high on the list. The white seems to be an appealing color around Christmas time.

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