SchlumbergeraThe List

Some changes and new options June 2021

An updated version of the Schlumbergera list has been uploaded to our online database. You will find some 20 new names.
Jo Old has sent us some pictures, that are online now. Take for example a look at ‘Prairie Gold’ and ‘Tweety’.
From Vivian Filus de Oliveira (Brazil) and her workgroup we received nice additional information about some of the Brazilian hybrids. There is some good work going on in Brazil.
We are now offering the option to register hybrids in a preliminary manner. This is useful in cases where there is a new hybrid with a name, but the hybridizer still has to wait for official registration, until the hybrid is stabilized. In this case just the name of the hybrid and the name of the hybridizer/country will be enough. In the comments you will see the text: Hybridizer input required.
Another new change you may notice that we take names into account where we are not sure about a name. The comments will say: Waiting for input from the community. Which means, we are asking your cooperation to provide us with background information on the hybrid.
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