Schlumbergera HybridSynonym

‘Thor Wildflower’

NameSynonym ofReferenceComments
'Thor Wildflower''Thor Wild Cactus'commercial entryit was presented with this name in a pressrelease Nov. 2, 2016. On the Sept. 26th the same year the 'Thor Wildflower' was presented to the general public in a garden-expo in Højme, Denmark. The first season it was released for sales to the general public, there was only this one color, like a pink Rosa rugosa, and it was called 'Thor Wildflower'. It was given this name because the gardener at Thoruplund thought of it as being wild in its appearance. From the end of 2018 the new color series was sold sparingly to the public and later marketed as a Thor Wild-series".
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