Schlumbergera Hybrid



NameSynonym ofRegister numberApplicant
'Mijan'SRL-Sch-2023-0004Jo Old
HybridizerCountryHybridizer referenceName giver
Jo OldUSAJo OldJo Old
Name yearGroupGrowth habitSeedling/Sport
Pod parentPollen parentPollination yearColor
'Chiba Spot''Sol Brazil'2013orange
Flower classFlower formColor compositionFlower size
Petal formRecurvedStamen colorStyle color
Fruit colorFruit edgedFlower descriptionClades color
color unknownyeslarge, striking, orange flowers have satiny, lucent, delicately tipped petals. Petals have white bases and lower throats tinted pink. Lower centers to upper regions are bright orange. A darker orange-red pencil line edges the petal bases and throats. Petal apexes and upper edges are delicately notched to lightly serrated. Basal and ventral petals are recurved. Tube is white, flushed pink. A bright, magenta-pink stigma extends just beyond the anthers. Ovary receptacle is slightly ridged. Mature buds exhibit similar orange coloration.
Clades sizePhylloclades formReferenceComments
MdentateSRL Registrationmedium size phylloclades carry 3 forward facing dentations per marginal edge. Upper dentations are larger. Areole notches are shallow. This cultivar is a sibling to S. Acadian Sunset.
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